What is Todo-Today? A Singapore mall directory with what's good and what's not.

Use Todo-Today to find store information, reviews and promotions about that store near you. Todo-Today also tells you what's currently trending and popular in Singapore.

  • Todo-Today exists as a communication bridge between small business owners and the customers, with regards to promotions, off days and relocation.
    — Ling Wong, Founder of UrFamily Labs
  • Love how I can find where a store is without having to look for a directory at a mall.
    — Juxtaling

Features At A Glance

6 cool features about Todo-Today

ToDo Spotlight

Discover the latest store trends and promotions around you! See what others are interested in. If many people thinks a place is good, you probably should check it out too.

Location-based Info

Looking for a popular chain store? Todo-Today can seek out the nearest branch for you. It is a digital mall directory so you don't have to look for that elusive physical counterpart.


Todo-Today is community updatable and we depend on the community and business owners to provide information with regards to store closures, relocation, wait times and promotions.


Be alerted to all the current promotions around you, not only in the current mall but the one next door.


Use our search tool to find all instances of a popular chain store or that elusive DIY store which can never be found when you finally need it.

Handy Utilities

We have also included various utilities that might help you when you're wondering around a mall. These features include a car locator, MRT Maps, a Taxi Guide, Movies, Nursing Rooms.

Excited? Let’s get started!

Top 3 Reasons To Try

Here's why we think you should use Todo-Today.

  • Find out what's currently popular with Singaporeans. Eat and shop like a local.
  • Find out everything about that store near you.
  • Praise a business with good service or alert others of possible scam businesses.