What is Themed Audio Translator? An app that provides quick offline translations in foreign places.

The Themed Audio Translator (TAT) contains a huge list of 2500 frequently used phrases with translations in 73 languages. Use TAT to translate your intentions offline to people who do not speak your language.

  • Themed Audio Translator combines text-to-speech technology and pre-installed translations to provide the ultimate convenience to the frequent traveler.
    — Ling Wong, Founder of UrFamily Labs

Features At A Glance

6 cool features about Themed Audio Translator

Offline Translation

Unlike other translation apps that require an Internet connection to work, the Themed Audio Translator provides translations offline, making it ideal for travel or quick lookups. We also do not charge per language or translation. Purchase once and get all 73 different language translations for life.

Themed Translations

The Themed Audio Translator has 9 themed translation packs for various roles and scenarios. We have made 2 packs free so that more people can benefit. The themes included are: Travel, Business, Hotel, Retail, Restaurant, Airline, Everyday, Emergency (Free), Standard (Free).

> 2500 phrases

With more than 2500 phrases stored, the Themed Audio Translator mobile application is the only application you need for offline translations. This is especially useful for busy people who do not have time to preload phrases into their translation mobile app. We have done the hard work for you.

Speaks 30 languages

The Themed Audio Translator speaks aloud translations in 30 different languages out of the 73 available ones, so that the other party does not have to read the translation from your phone. For best results, connect your phone to a portable bluetooth speaker as the phone's speakers are terrible in noisy places.

List Customization

In case we have missed out a phrase, you can add your own phrase and translation to the database in the Themed Audio Translator. In fact, if you think a translation is incorrect, you can add the right one by replacing that phrase.

Sentence Preparation

The Themed Audio Translator allows you to create your own sentences for smoother live conversations. Use it for similar or repeat questions, or creating a list of objects you want to include in the conversation. While this may be grammatically incorrect, at least it does (hopefully) get the message across.

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Top 3 Reasons To Try

Here's why we think you should use Themed Audio Translator.

  • Travel worry-free to a country that doesn’t speak your language.
  • Impress your customers or clients by speaking a few phrases in their language (and increase sales / tips).
  • Show your love and appreciation to loved ones if you have speech challenges.