What is OCR Search? An app that scans an image text and does a quick Internet serach on it.

The OCR Search app uses OCR technology to scan for a word and searches various sites, such as Wikipedia, IMDB and All Music, about that search term. This is an experimental app that tests the power of the current Tesseract OCR technology.

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  • OCR Search combines current OCR technology with the Internet Search engines to provide quick access to information from real-world objects.
    — Ling Wong, Founder of UrFamily Labs

Features At A Glance

2 cool features about OCR Search

OCR Scan

Scans an image for relevant text to search on the Internet. This is a developing technology and may not perform well under various noisy conditions such as curved surfaces, reflections, unusual font sets, etc. Works great with business cards and printed text.

Quick Search

Quickly searches a portal for related information. Supported portals include Google, IMDB, All Music, YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can type or use a better OCR app to scan and copy/paste the result here for a quick search.

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Top 3 Reasons To Try

Here's why we think you should use OCR Search.

  • Saves you the hassle of typing long addresses and search keywords.
  • Directly search on supported websites in one click without having to remember their web addresses.
  • Search multiple websites with the same search keywords.
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Updated: Sep 13, 2014
Version: 1.3