What is Mayday Alerts? An app that keeps you safe with automated alerts to emergency contacts.

Mayday Alerts keeps people safe in potentially risky zones. When in danger, Mayday Alerts automatically alerts the police, your emergency contacts and Facebook friends with your GPS location and time information. A monitoring system is used to continually update your contacts.

  • Mayday Alerts combines the best that social media, mobile communications and email technologies have to offer into one no-nonsense safety app.
    — Ling Wong, Founder of UrFamily Labs
  • This is pretty handy although I don't expect to use this on a regular basis. Will probably use it in strange encounters or when traveling abroad.
    — Juxtaling

Features At A Glance

6 cool features about Mayday Alerts

Release To Activate

Unlike existing safety apps that require you to open the app and call when in danger, Mayday Alerts allows you to pre-empt a dangerous situation. By holding down the alert before entering a danger zone and then naturally release when in danger, you can avoid fumbling over opening apps while panicking.

Automatic Alerts

Mayday Alerts automatically alerts the police, emergency contacts and Facebook friends when you are in danger. An alert is sent during every stage of the Alert process, including start, activation, and safety. This can come in the form of an email, SMS, or Facebook notification.

Monitoring Service

Mayday Alerts provides a monitoring service which most other safety apps do not. When holding down the Alert button, and after the Alert has been activated, a notification will be sent to emergency contacts and Facebook every 3 minutes. This allows your contacts to keep a look out for you and provide aid if necessary.

Facebook Shoutout

You can alert your friends on Facebook of your dangerous situation. This greatly increases the chances of finding help when needed. In fact, you can even post a picture of your attacker with GPS location and timestamp integrated to use as evidence later. We have also taken care of privacy issues for you and you can limit the visibility of your help requests.

Huge Database

Mayday Alerts contains a database of emergency numbers for 151 different countries so you don't have to remember every one of them when you travel. It is certainly advisable to test if the numbers work on your phone before using Mayday Alerts as you might need a local SIM card in some countries.

Background Mode

Mayday Alerts has a background mode that allows the app to continue to monitor and provide notifications of your location only when activated. This allows help to reach you even if you have moved from your last known location. This can be useful in the case of a kidnap or assault.

Excited? Let’s get started!

Top 3 Reasons To Try

Here's why we think you should use Mayday Alerts.

  • Keep yourself safe when entering a potentially risky zone.
  • If you are captured or in danger, Mayday Alerts can monitor your location so that your emergency contacts or the local police can find you.
  • Seek help on Facebook via Mayday Alerts Facebook Monitoring System!