What is Cab-Pare? An app that compares cab prices across different cab models in Singapore.

Use Cab-Pare to find the cheapest cab prices personalized to your trip. You could save yourself up to 20 dollars (SGD) per trip or enjoy a luxurious taxi ride for a couple dollars more!

  • Cab-Pare provides easy access to complicated cab pricing information in Singapore as well as to provide reassurance to tourists that it's ok to take cabs here.
    — Ling Wong, Founder of UrFamily Labs
  • Very useful and handy app. It's already interesting and fun just looking at all the different fare prices for different taxis for the different routes that I put in.
    — Juxtaling

Features At A Glance

6 cool features about Cab-Pare

Offline Support

Worried about not being able to use Cab-Pare because you're a tourist? Fear not, we've got you covered. Most of Cab-Pare's core features work offline without a data plan.

Route Preview

You can preview your route on Cab-Pare so you have an idea where you're going. The cab driver, however, may take a different route based on experience and professionalism.

Taxi Information

Find out more about the different taxi models available in Singapore using Cab-Pare. You can also see how they look like so you can spot them more easily on the roads. Alternatively, simply flag down any cab with a "Taxi" sign.

Fare Estimation

Cab-Pare can provide you with cab fare estimations for any given route in Singapore so that you won't be taken by surprise at the end of the trip. If it's too pricey for you, you can always choose to take the bus or the MRT (Free Map included!).

Fare Comparison

Compare across all taxi models and taxi companies in Singapore and find the cheapest option. You could save as much as SGD$20 per trip by taking less expensive models or enjoy a more luxurious ride during certain periods for a couple dollars more.

Fare Breakdown

Use Cab-Pare to understand the cab fare breakdowns for each trip so that you have a better idea what you are paying for. There are many surcharges included in Singapore cab fares and it's important to understand them.

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Top 3 Reasons To Try

Here's why we think you should use Cab-Pare.

  • Find estimated cab fare for your ride, even if you're offline.
  • Save money by avoiding the more expensive cab models during certain periods.
  • View possible taxi routes on Google Maps.