What is AudIOfy? An app that reads personalized news articles.

The AudIOfy free news reader app is like an internet news radio that reads the feeds from a person’s favourite Facebook and Twitter pages in the style of an audio book.

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  • AudIOfy combines the best that text-to-speech readers, online news radio and RSS feed technologies have to offer into one super-efficient, low-bandwidth app.
    — Ling Wong, Founder of UrFamily Labs
  • This is an extremely useful app for our visually challenged friends. For other users it is good to just listen to news on the way to work.
    — Wildfire1985
  • I always manage to learn a tip or two just listening to this while driving to work. Everyone should really download this app and try it out!
    — Juxtaling
  • I can never find time during the day to catch up on news so doing it while I'm driving makes me feel more productive and like I'm not wasting time on the road.
    — Jux

Features At A Glance

6 cool features about AudIOfy

Like an Audiobook

Reads online news articles from providers, such as TechCrunch, Life Hacker, CNN, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg Finance, Yahoo News, etc. AudIOfy works best with text-centric news articles.


Uses Facebook, Twitter & RSS as news aggregators and compatible with many reputable news providers, such as Financial Times, Yahoo Movies, Fox News, The Economist and Huffington Post.

Ultra Low Bandwidth

Because AudIOfy only downloads the text of each news article, it uses less than 1 MB of internet data per hour. Comparing this to regular internet radio stations or podcasts, AudIOfy's low bandwidth not only saves on data usage but also loads much faster!

Background Mode

AudIOfy runs in the background so you can do other tasks on the device while listening! Play your favorite game, read your emails, or even work on your project while listening to AudIOfy!

Multiple Languages

AudIOfy supports the "audio-fication" of 33 different languages, although the localized translation is only available in English and English is most extensively tested. That said, you can still listen to your favorite news provider in your own language.

Diverse Controls

There are multiple ways you can interact with the playback. You can Shake or Flip the phone to navigate without looking at the screen, use Voice Commands, or tap on the good old Action Buttons to interact with playback.

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Top 3 Reasons To Try

Here's why we think you should use AudIOfy.

  • Save time and update yourself with the latest news from your favourite news provider while driving, cooking or dining.
  • AudIOfy is much better than internet news radio stations because it uses less than 1MB of internet data per hour!
  • If you’re visually impaired, AudIOfy can easily enrich your life with audio news!
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Updated: Nov 21, 2014
Version: 1.5